The Bangalore Club

Established in 1868 as the Bangalore United Services Club, the Bangalore Club is one of the oldest and most prestigious Clubs in India.

Over its 150 year history, the Bangalore Club has been a meeting ground for generations of Bangalore families and its members have been leaders of public affairs, industry and commerce in the city.

Among its more illustrious members was British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill during his stint in India in 1896. As an indelible mark of his Indian days, he left behind a debt of Rs. 13/- at the Bangalore Club which was written off by the Committee in 1899 as an ‘irrecoverable sum’.

Set in 15 acres of beautiful, green surroundings in the heart of Bangalore, the Club is renowned for its quiet elegance and sophisticated lifestyle. Here, the elite membership come to relax, unwind and experience good times and gracious living. From sports and gym to banquets, bars and accommodation, Bangalore Club provides the best facilities for its members who fondly regard it as ‘a home away from home’.

Walk through Bangalore Club
Club House

The iconic Club House is situated at the heart of the club grounds and still maintains its original 19th century facade. The imposing main lounge is decorated with hunting trophies, war memorabilia and vintage photographs depicting the Club's history. In the centre is glass-caged Leopard reminiscent of a bygone age. There is even a corner dedicated to Winston Churchill, one of the Club’s most illustrious members.

The Bar

A heritage room with wood panels and leather furniture, The Bar is an ideal venue for camaraderie and fellowship.

Bar Patio

Adjoining the Bar, this open air patio is a favourite for those who enjoy an alfresco drinking and dining experience.

Dining Hall

The magnificent 150 year old Dining Hall occupies centre stage in the Club House.
With its chandeliers and magnificent central carved table, members enjoy fine dining in an elegant setting.

Mysore Room

This formal lounge commemorates the Club’s long association with the erstwhile royal family – the Wodeyars of Mysore. The Maharajah of Mysore was the first Indian invited to use the Club in 1914. With its heritage paintings, inlay work, wood panels and carved furniture, the Mysore Room provides a calm sanctuary to relive times gone by.

Polo Bar

With its wood panelled walls, leather chairs and old world Polo memorabilia, the Polo Bar is a great place to meet for a quiet drink and delectable canapes.

Brig. Hill Terrace

This elegant, covered terrace is ideal for casual get togethers in a bright cheerful atmosphere.

Oval Lawn

The beautifully landscaped oval lawn in front of the Main Building is divided by a leafy arcade with a small fountain in the center. An ideal setting for members to have their cuppa tea and cucumber sandwiches - a time honoured British custom that still lives on in the Bangalore Club.

Brig. Hill Annexe

The stately Brig. Hill Annexe with its Burmese teak flooring was the original Grand Ballroom and still retains its grandeur for receptions, music evenings and cultural performances.

Anchor Hall & Lawn

Adjoining the Brig. Hill Annexe, the Anchor Hall with its wood panelled walls and vintage tiled floors is yet another delightful meeting place for members. The Anchor Hall opens onto a lovely secluded lawn area where you can party under the trees.

Main Lawn

The heartbeat of the Club, the Main Lawn is the place where larger events and gatherings take place under the stars. With its iconic Umbrella Bar, Lawn Bar and Side Bar, the Main Lawn is where the majority of members meet and greet every evening.

Children's Playground

Set amidst big shady trees, the Children’s Playground is a place for fun and adventure for children of the Bangalore Club. Based on the Swedish principles of unstructured play, the Playground encourages children to get physical exercise as well as use their creative imagination.


The Bangalore Club Library is one of the most well stocked and comprehensive libraries in Bangalore. Many an hour is spent by members in its calm, hallowed atmosphere.

Library Corridor

The Library Corridor provides a covered sitting area facing the Main Lawn. It is widely used by members and is serviced from the lawn kitchens and bars. It also provides a welcome refuge from a sudden rainy shower.

Sports Bar

The lively Sports Bar is situated just opposite the Sports Complex and is an ideal watering hole for our sportsmen and women with its informal and buzzy atmosphere

Gen. Bhatia Suite

Named after the first Indian President of the Club, the Gen. Bhatia Suite is a banquet room for smaller parties of around 40 people.