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Bangalore Club was established in 1868 as the Bangalore United Services Club in the traditions of the Colonial Clubs for the officers of the British Empire. Many a past great have been the members of the Bangalore United Services Club including past British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill during his stint in India from 1896.

In 1946, the Club was opened to civilians and became the Bangalore Club. Since Independence, it has become one of the foremost clubs in Bangalore and India. Our members enjoy a wide range of facilities of the highest quality. From sports and gym to banquets, bars and accommodation, Bangalore Club provides the best for its members.  Bangalore Club has affiliations with numerous clubs at home and abroad.

Bangalore Club’s stately central building blends 19th century notions of the British Empire and grandeur with 21st century efficiency and vitality. The resplendent Mysore room and the robust spirit of the Men’s Bar preserve the antiquity of the club. The modern tennis, squash and badminton courts, the health club, swimming pool and the century old library, form a mosaic, interspersed with green lawns, trees, shrubbery and flowers in a 13 acre campus.

Bangalore Club  is a world unto itself, one of graciousness and elegance blending the historical past with the modern present.

blending the historical past with the modern present